How Do We Make Money?

We make money when you subscribe to a VPN through a link on our site. It doesn’t cost you anything more, but the provider does reward us for referring you to their site. Frequently, our relationship with providers gives you access to great deals on their services. 

Isn’t that just sales? How can I trust your reviews?

We believe that you, the reader, are more likely to respond to articles that tell you the truth. If we publish accurate reviews and insightful stories, you’re more likely to keep coming back. If you trust us, you’re more likely to use one of our links. So, we make the most money when we tell the truth.

If we write biased articles and empty reviews, you won’t trust us. We know that our readers are smart people who can tell when someone writes corporate propaganda. It’s in our best interest to ensure that you get what you want: honest reviews and insightful articles.

Most review websites, from tech gear to clothes, make their money the same way we do. We use these commissions to pay our writers so they can provide the best content to help you understand which VPN is right for you.