RusVPN Review 2024

Facing unknown cyber-attacks whilst browsing websites, you necessarily seek the right VPN provider to stop your private information from being stolen or illegally used. Today, we’ll review RusVPN, the emerging star in this sector.

RusVPN Overview

In 2017, RusVPN, short for Reliable, Unlimited and Secure, was launched by Iron Media Group Ltd to afford Internet users the best browsing experience without worry about identity theft or limited access in some jurisdictions.

As of 2024, the software reaches the impressive milestone of 300,000 users. This figure results from military-grade encryption, seamless connection speed, a no-log policy, and dedicated 24/7 customer support. Besides, RusVPN allows you to infinitely use numerous streaming services such as HBO or Netflix on multiple devices. Competitive rates and a 30-day refund commitment for those who wish to trial it are other noticeable advantages of RusVPN.

What To Look For In A RusVPN

Before going further, we’ll look through several major attributes of RusVPN.

  • Encryption Protocols: OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP and L2TP
  • No-Log Policy: Yes
  • Server Locations: 390+ VPN servers in 50+ countries from 5 continents
  • Server Speed: approximately equal to your internet speed
  • Streaming: RusVPN works well with different streaming channels such as Netflix, Amazon, eBay, Torrenting, etc.
  • Device Support: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Mozilla, OpenVPN, and Router

 Now, let’s glance at the following part to see how reliable RusVPN is in providing you with secure browsing services.

Private Internet Access

Privacy & Security

Apart from hiding the real IP, RusVPN ensures data encryption with the OpenVPN 256-bit 2048 RSA technology. Other protocols like IKEv2, PPTP, and L2TP are also applied to make your data confidential.

RusVPN is well-known for its double encryption: after your data is transmitted to the server and then encrypted therein, it will travel to the next place and be encrypted twice. No entity, even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or telecommunication service suppliers, can invade or decrypt such information. Therefore, RusVPN has got rave reviews about its DNS or IP leak prevention on prestigious third-party websites (e.g. Trustpilot or VPNPros).

Another advanced built-in is a kill-switch that automatically ceases the internet connection immediately when RusVPN stops working. This function hinders your online navigation from external threats when RusVPN is absent. RusVPN also complies with a no-log policy that requires the provider not to store user logs and other connection data, except for basic client information like email addresses.

Regarding legitimacy, RusVPN is established by Iron Media Group Ltd, which was registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica, No. 2017/IBC00023. Beyond that, Dominica is known for respecting the privacy of any entities. So, the VPN supplier is under stringent regulation to guarantee your credentials.

Server Locations & Speed

At present, RusVPN records roughly 400 servers that spread over 50 jurisdictions and keep expanding to other corners of the globe.

Another attraction of this VPN is its fast connection speed thanks to the extensive network and boundless bandwidth. For example, the US server can facilitate both uploading and downloading at the rate of over 90 Mbps, whilst the ping time always stays as low as 1 or 2 ms.

Streaming and Torrenting

Not all streaming providers are allowed in all countries, especially in harsh jurisdictions like China. However, the introduction of RusVPN helps you to anonymously change the IP location and easily connect to different channels such as Hulu or Amazon. RusVPN also supports you to find appropriate servers with the search tool on its website.


Additionally, RusVPN proves its effectiveness in assisting you to download movies and music on Torrent.

Device Support

RusVPN supports a wide range of operating systems on desktop PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux), smartphones, and tablets (Android and iOS). For the mobile version, you may try the VPN app priorly for free within 7 days. If you prefer testing the VPN service in advance, the 30-day money-back guarantee is offered for limited data usage.

Furthermore, you can install a free RusVPN extension to Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The VPN add-on allows a stable connection and safe access to any website contents without letting anyone track your IP address. Still, the number of servers in this version is limited and the connection speed is lower than other paid versions.

For gaming purposes, the RusVPN app isn’t available to support game devices (Xbox and PlayStation). However, you may manually set up the service on the Wifi router. This builds the protection layer for all well-connected gadgets, even involving game stations or televisions. Plus, with only one account, you may sign in up for 5 separate devices.


RusVPN is among the youngest providers, so its services are affordable with the availability of 3 subscription plans. Accordingly, the price is $9.9 provided you choose a one-month plan. A year of subscription saves you 50% by enabling the monthly payment of $4.99. Meanwhile, the longest plan of 3 years offers a 70% saving with merely $2.99 per month.

Existing payout methods at RusVPN include credit/debit cards and digital wallets (Webmoney and QIWI). Even Bitcoin is accepted for remittance.

Customer Service

The customer care team is considered helpful with 24/7 support and instant responses. You may contact them via email: or send them questions by filling the feedback form on the website.


This positive review interprets the reliability and security of RusVPN from its debut onwards. Coupled with fast connection speed, different RusVPN versions also offer advanced encryption mechanisms at competitive rates. Accordingly, the software/app will mask your IP address and secure your data against any intrusion, even when you use Torrent. What’s more, RusVPN smooths the connection to streaming channels and gives you a 24/7 devoted support staff. That’s why RusVPN is highly recommended for your cybersecurity.

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