The 7 Best Secure Email Services in 2024

When you have to ensure that your data is used the right way in the online world, you need to know about the best secure email services in 2024. With so much confusing and conflicting advice out there, we decided the time was right for an article that covers everything.

All you need to do is read through this simple 5-minute read, and then sign up with the perfect secure email provider for you. Perfect for ensuring that you’ll always be able to keep your personal data safe and secure online.

1. Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is one of the best secure email services available

No list of the safest email accounts would be complete without Microsoft’s key offering, so where better to start? It offers a secure email app that works on Android, and iOS, and generally is straightforward and easy to use. Ideal if you want to take your secure emails with you wherever the day takes you.

As well as being one of the most secure email providers, Microsoft is also among the most popular. If you believe in safety in numbers, this certainly makes for an attractive proposition.

It’s also got the advantage of being seen as a more secure email account than an Office365 account. While this is mostly anecdotal and subjective, it’s worth noting that it’s free too. That is perfect for those of you looking to enjoy one of the best secure email services in 2024 on a budget.

It’s also worth noting that Outlook is very well integrated with Windows 10 — no surprise given who makes both pieces of software. It also offers seamless integration and interconnectivity with Office 365 for those of you who have yet to make the switch to Google Docs.

  • Integrated nicely with Windows 10
  • Works well with a number of key features in Office 365
  • Free service that is also the second most popular in the world right now
  • Desktop client and mobile app are both easy to navigate and jump between when you need to


  • Has been accused in some quarters of confusing terminology
  • Has less than half the users of Gmail
  • Not the most attractive GUI compared to others on this list

2. AOL Mail

AOL Mail provides a safe and secure messaging

If you remember the days of an AOL disc in every newspaper, then you might wonder what happened to them. Well, they’re a lot smaller than they used to be, but their encrypted mail service is still alive and well. No rundown of the most secure email providers on the market would be complete without one of the original pioneers, so here’s what we thought of them.

As paid email services go, it’s one of the better secure email services on the market, with a few restrictions that we’ll touch upon a little later. If you want to use a service you know isn’t going to let you down, it’s a worthy candidate.

You can easily sync with all your contacts in an address book, and it works well on any OS. That is what you’d expect from one of the pioneering private email services which, has been going since 1993.

One of the critical downsides you need to know about; however, isn’t security-related at all. Having an AOL account is a good indicator of your age and tech ability, so if you’re applying for an internship at a tech company, you might want to go in search of the best free secure email instead. That said, it’s no judgment on the security and technical functionality of the platform

  • A name you can trust in the world of private email providers
  • Easy to use GUI will feel like an old friend it’s been around for that long


  • The user base is decreasing which means updates may soon become harder to come by
  • There are better-maintained entries on our list of the best secure email services

3. GMX Mail

GMX is free

From Germany comes one of the lesser-known names on this list of private email providers, but it’s still worth a closer look. It’s a subsidiary of United Internet, one of the biggest internet service providers in Europe, and has a growing reputation.

If you think this is just an upstart; however, you need to take note that it’s been around since 1997. Ideal if you want to know that you’ve chosen the best secure email by opting for a well-established secure email service.

The best feature, other than the steadfast commitment to security, is the 50 MB attachment limit. When you combine it with the free unlimited storage that comes as standard, it makes it an ideal encrypted email account for file sharing. That is great if you want to send photos and images in full definition, or share project files without having to use the cloud.

It also allows you to collect emails from your other accounts on its platform. Perfect, if you want to be able to keep track of your social life, work-life, and side hustles all with one of the most secure email services at your fingertips. Plus there’s the added benefit that it’s free. As well as being a frontrunner for the most secure email account, it also won’t cost you a penny.

  • Unlimited file storage and an impressive 50 MB attachment limit make this is a private free email that’s ideal for file sharing
  • Easy to use mail collector allows you to keep multiple accounts in one place


  • The GUI is intuitive, but it may not be all that familiar. Especially to those of you who are new to one of the emerging forces in email privacy
  • Doesn’t include an RSS reader, or a conversation view

4. Zoho Mail

Zoho provides messaging hosting for your business

With a name that stands out, how can it not feature in our mission to find the best private email server? As one of the top secure email providers on the market today, Zoho has the added benefit of being ad-free. While many email services offer this, you have to pay for the privilege.

Nothing so crass here, where you get ad-free emailing no matter whether you pay and subscribe, or not. Ideal if you want to be able to focus on your work without those annoying popups getting in the way.

There are currently over 10-million active users, and that number is growing all the time. It’s also possible to set up your email at your domain free, which is a nice touch. That makes it a wise choice for those looking to launch a personal website to showcase your skills to employers.

Last but not least, it’s also well-integrated with Zoho Docs: a competitor to Google Docs and Office 365. Just what you need if you need to email, word process, and tabulate data within a signal ecosystem. Zoho is an email platform that’s gaining traction in the world of online collaboration. Certainly worth a closer look if you work remotely and have multiple projects on the move at any one time.

  • Ad-free approach, even for free users, is refreshing and nice to see
  • Integrates well with Zoho’s parent document software which makes it ideal for business customers
  • Collaboration orientated email provider that makes it easy for you to share, brainstorm, and polish group work


  • At the time of writing, it did not have any integrated video chat functionality

5. Proton Mail

Encrypted Email Based in Switzerland

Next on our list of the best secure email services in 2024 is Proton Mail. It is one of the top secure providers out there right now. If it’s not a name that’s all that familiar to you, don’t worry. They’re a relatively new email service, but that doesn’t mean they don’t take privacy and security of personal data seriously. Founded five years ago in CERN, it’s safe to say they have as strong a track record when it comes to tech as anyone.

The smart thing Proton Mail does is use client-side encryption. That means everything contained in your message is fully encrypted before it reaches the server. If you want to avoid people being able to hack in and snoop on your email by cracking into a server, this is just what you need.

It’s clearly a step in the right direction. However, there’s more to being one of the best secure email services in 2024 than security alone.

That’s why they’ve invested significant time and effort in creating an intuitive GUI that’s easy to get to grips with. It’s designed to resemble the layouts we grew up using, and it doesn’t hint at how different things are underneath.

  • Client-side encryption means their servers can’t read what’s in your messages
  • Self-destructing messages and a lack of session tracking and logging


  • Not the most well-known of email providers right now, but that’s set to change over the coming years

6. iCloud

With iCloud Mail, you can send, receive, and organize

Apple makes extremely sought after smartphones, and they provide one of the best secure email services in 2024?

With 720-million individual users, many of whom are classed as active users. It offers seamless integration with other iCloud features, such as: Find My iPhone, Photo Stream, and iCloud Drive. That makes it easy to track the location of devices, share multimedia content, and upload to a secure storage server. Perfect, if you want to be able to do everything while integrating easily with your email.

iCloud has the added benefit of being given away free with every Apple ID. That means you can pick an address, not have to pay for it, and still enjoy the 5 GB of storage. Just what you need to keep your documents safe.

  • Comes free with every Apple ID
  • A flexible and adaptable program that works with the rest of the iCloud ecosystem


  • A largely mobile-heavy platform that doesn’t allow you to add other email providers when you’re accessing it via the web client — apps only here

7. Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular services around

Last but not least, we come to the most popular email provider in the world right now: Gmail. The great thing about it is the considerable range of collaborations and integrations it makes possible.

As well as Google Hangouts and video conferencing, you can set it up so that emails instantly get redirected to your relevant subfolders. Ideal if you want to avoid the avalanche of emails that most of us wake up to these days.

There’s also the option to make use of the 15 GB of free storage. Something which will come in handy when you see how easy and secure it is to link your email to your YouTube account. There’s also integration with Google Drive, which is perfect for collaborating on creative projects and working remotely.

  • Free to use and easy to sign up to
  • Integrates with a whole host of free apps that include chat and video conferencing
  • Works seamlessly with Google Hangouts


  • If you’re used to Outlook, you might find Gmail’s wealth of additional features a little overwhelming, to begin with

Final Thoughts On The Best Secure Email Services in 2024

Now that you’ve heard all about the seven best secure email services in 2024, all you need to do is pick your favorite. There’s no definitive right or wrong answer here folks; it’s all about personal choice. With more options and functionality that you’ll know what to do with, there’s plenty of choices out there.

Just make sure you choose something cost-effective, flexible, and easy to use. If you can take care of these three things then you’ll be heading in the right direction. And because you know we’ve checked just how secure they are. You’ll be able to sleep with the peace of mind that your data is going to be secure and hacker-safe.

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